AI Forest Monitoring System

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The Most Powerful Forest Monitoring System

We Imigap (Pvt) Ltd was able to find the best solution for this arising ecocide and Deforestation in Sri Lanka . As the development team, we would like to introduce you the Artificial Intelligence (AI) software system named "Forest Watch Sri Lanka" which is able to track the deforestation of any forest/ Wetland or any other natural resource in Sri Lanka. This system was developed by a set of Young Entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka. This system is capable of tracking forest in Sri Lanka regularly for 24 hours.
The key features of this system are

  • The system scans the forests using satellites in every 24 hours.

  • System automatically detects changes in the forest & detect if there's any human made change (ex: deforestation), skipping natural changes in the forest(ex: Seasonal changes).

  • It is able to notify the users about the changes instantly and able to plot the affected area on a map.

  • Its a great proof and information for actions taken by the government in the goal of protecting forests from illegal human activities.

  • The government spends a lot of wealth on protecting and monitoring the forests, but using this system those monitoring can be made on a desk.

  • Users can compare date-to-date images obtained form satellites insearch of deforestation.

  • The system itself capable of removing clouds in satellite images for better processing and representation.

  • System auto genarates a report for prefered time indicating any ecocide activity in past few days.

  • The Machine Learning model has been trained for the accuracy of 90%, which would be a helful when analyzing images.

  • More than 250,000 images have been trained for Machine Learing Model